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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where'd we go?

When I lost my harddrive, I also lost 6 weeks of photos I'd taken around the property. Cie la vie.

We've been working a lot around here but mostly on landscaping. Which sounds really neat, but it isn't so. In this case, most of the work involves picking up rocks, seeding the grass and watching it grow with the torrential rains we've had here.

Other than that there's been a lull in construction. The inside of the house is pretty much finished.

We decided, after several people slipped and fell that we DO need porch railings on the front porch. Our contractor also had plans to do a back deck in late spring, early summer.

He started today on the front porch rail.

This is one section. I couldn't afford wrought iron railings. It was Becky's idea to buy the Hobby Lobby wall art and then have the contractor incorporate it into my wooden rails. This was a lovely compromise and I think its even prettier than I had imagined. I'm very happy with it.

In preparation for the back deck building, Richard and I started a few days ago pouring the concrete piers.

Part of the deck will go 20 feet out with a roof over the last 10 feet like Mom and Pa's deck. The rest of the deck will be 10 feet out.